Professional Creosote Removal

Best Northern Kentucky Chimney is a certified and licensed deal of PCR which is a product that is poured down the chimney liner into a foam pad that moves the chemical up like a squeegee, that gets in every gap and crack and begins to turn the creosote onto a powder. In about three days we come back out and completely clean the chimney and vacuum out the dust.

Creosote Removal Products

PCR Poultice Creosote Remover

PCR is a revolutionary product designed to completely remove 3rd degree glazed creosote from flue tiles or stainless steel chimney liners. This product must be put on with a foam pad inserted at the bottom of the chimney and pulled up to coat the liner. It sits for three days and is removed with a rod cleaning and vacuum system.

Anti-Creo-Soot (ACS)

Anti-Creosote Removal Products are environmentally safe, nontoxic liquid catalysts that modify dangerous creosote. For maximum effectiveness, spray daily into the firebox and on the wood during low fire conditions to convert the creosote to a harmless ash. ACS improves combustion and promotes cleaner burns, which makes it an important part of any wood burning maintenance program, and also reduces ash and clogging in pellet stoves. ACS is safe to use in appliances with catalytic combustors, and should never be used as an alternative to chimney cleaning.

ACS Gas Log Carbon & Soot Remover

ACS Gas Log & Soot Remover works great for clearing up soot on gas logs. Simply spray it on the logs while burning hot and watch the carbon and soot build-up disperse. Not for use on lightweight fiber logs or white birch log sets. It is easy to use and cleans up logs in a snap!

Gas Log Soot Removal

Creosote buildup is inevitable, but keeping it at bay is remarkably easy! Several scoops of Rutland Creosote Remover in your fire two times per week turns tar-like creosote to ash and prevents further buildup from occurring. The use of creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular chimney cleaning. Safe for use in all chimneys and wood burning appliances.